Secret society

Don’t tell nobody-by Tink

Everybody have secrets. Every relationship has 2 sides. The thing that you have to realize is that when you add people to your relationship you create the problem. You add fuel to the fire. Everyone has their own opinion. Trust your heart. You know what you should do to resolve a situation. You know what leads to that smile remaining on your face. I think that when we blast people, basically spreading 2 party business through social media or even family and friends, you cause a spotlight that never leaves. And you lose the understanding to resolve. Because the next time everything is all good. Nobody believes you. Nobody sees the good. Only the bad remains with the spotlight.

Sometimes the best way to move is in quiet. And prove to yourself more than anybody else how your life works. Again nobody is perfect. I think we strive for drama or cameras to appear to show the world the most precious things we should hold dear. Things we should cherish, and signed and sealed for us, we try to share. Its only for you darlings, enjoy it. You don’t need any confirmation. Don’t tell nobody.

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