By:Shelbi Henny on the shutters stained a serpent swirling the character of willowed despaircurling next to brickand stoneseparating the essence of contentment we wither arguing over minimusresolutionsand meanings that hold deeper infatuationand cursing us into unions that slowly eat at a centerof our darkest corewhile a snake seats at our doorslithers at our doorstepcamps at... Continue Reading →


By: Shelbi Henny Satsuma Mandarina tantalizing conundrumof separating a bitter sting rectifying a vine that crosses beneathmy valetrocking on a center piecethat swings to no despairand leaves crossing overbranches that no longersingle woodyet tests the listings of forgotten fruit we linger and lines dangle reflect a subtle neckand tangible spacesthat leave nothing leftthat hang nothing... Continue Reading →


By: Shelbi Henny In the tavernsthe significants of merely touchingthe diaphragmwe gasp to igniteand sip in kisses that take formbirthing this infection of uscasting the wits to see you nakedin physical and spiritual divinei won't lie and bare the explanation of how deepi fold into this spaceof wanting you near me yet afraid to say... Continue Reading →

October 13

This date has been embedded into my core. It was the date I held your hand in the hospital. I placed my hear to the palms to feel your pulse for hours. Its the moment I made my last promises. I sang the isley brother's, "For the Love of you," because I always sang it... Continue Reading →

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