defining despair

By: Shelbi Henny the true definition of despair is the complete loss of hopeand as the tears dwindle down my face i calculate the indifferenceof the casualities ache in my belly as i drownand press on when stinging from honey beescollapse at each side of my lungsthat causes mild heartattacks when realizingthe empties and longingwith... Continue Reading →


by: Shelbi Henny the flames transpiringto deliver heat with frozeninterceptions to numbing every fiber of my beingcrawling an exemption to the battling of minds that wrap me into the mostdepressionthat normalizes the realitythat everyone pushes the movement of their lips to say move forthfreedom is ringing in your grasp yet the meaning of freedomwhen tranquil... Continue Reading →


by: shelbi henny a sanction indevouring the senses to vanquishing the disdainI've said your name 50 times todayive shed a tear each timeand though fear dangles in my spine as i wish you herethe regret bursting in languagesmoving me to dwindle in suffocateloving you was the phantomof eternityand hearing that this is temporary when the... Continue Reading →

after october

by: shelbi henny i was drawn to a metamorphosis transparency collecting a movement of emotions that stumble into categories of grief that define my moods in circumferences that raise the question how much more can i take how much more can i lose when in regret after the fact i was so wrapped up in... Continue Reading →

scratchy memories

by: Shelbi Henny the temple of my head is pulsing my fingers trembling tears performing in waves as my heart aches with the understanding ordaining my vision to be cloudy and discerned with ciphering clues and missing pieces rereading notes and text messages to clarify if our hearts were beating or who was at fault... Continue Reading →


By:shelbi henny I was sufficient in riddlesMissing a link to merge the absenceTriggering a space that i never knew was far from extensionLowering facts That i was supportive Of figuring my secretsYet you was a walking diaryA preacher to confess toA shoulder to cry onThe person to always answer the stressfulYet alarming calls On redemptionAnd... Continue Reading →

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