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10172769_1416310538641207_909860052901558014_n  FEAR OF FALLING BY SHELBI HENNY

Honestly I never thought that I would see my name on a book cover. It all started as a release. I broke up with my 1st love at that time and I just wanted to escape. I wanted to hold onto memories. I wanted to fade into my imagination and build a recovery. I wanted to erase this person and still remember the emotions. Crazy as it sounds, I wanted to transfer the energy of pain they made me feel into words, because speaking the agony of loosing love was unbearable. I was young, though. And at that teenage stage I was searching for answers. I wanted to be wild, young, and free. My sexuality was educating me to grow up early. To discover my foundation in programming life. I grew up pretty fast, yet society didn’t help me either. This book was my therapy. Though there is some truth to it. its also my imagination to what I seen everyday.


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