October 13

This date has been embedded into my core. It was the date I held your hand in the hospital. I placed my hear to the palms to feel your pulse for hours. Its the moment I made my last promises. I sang the isley brother's, "For the Love of you," because I always sang it... Continue Reading →

December 19, 2019

The day my life changed and i became a mother.... My daughter Winter was born. Uterine fibroids is noncancerous growths in the uterus that can develop during a woman's childbearing years. In some cases, it can cause pregnancy loss, fetal growth restriction, placental abruption and other complications during pregnancy. Intraheptic cholestasis of pregnancy is condition... Continue Reading →


By: Shelbi Henny A kiss on the puffy cheeksHow speechless notionsExude the moments i can't believe existTo storm a dignityWhile skipping FormsIntangibleSelecting spacesLike hairs crawling on the back Of thy neckBlood sewing Into revelations unfitI dangle in websAnd weepBruises unfeasibleTo save the last loaf of bread Colors banned inPostings causing fearI hold you tightlyAcross my... Continue Reading →

Breast feeding

Boob love The harsh reality of ignorance and lack of education in breastfeeding deters many mothers from venturing into the most natural and nurturing gift we possess. African American women having the lowest rate of initiation and duration. We constantly subject to embarrassment, lack of resources, cultural ritual, and misconstrued knowledge of benefits. Forcing us... Continue Reading →

Online Global Release

When I was in Houston, Texas, I was doing a lot of searching in my career.  My first book wasn't doing as well as I hoped. I couldn't blame anyone or thing, because it was all my doing. When I published my first book, I was still in a state of shock.  I didn't want... Continue Reading →


I had sent out my manuscript to several different publishing companies. I never thought I would get a response nor did I think anyone would be interested in teen romance lesbian story plot. I had written several stories that were collecting dust on the shelves. My poetry books was just being passed around close friends. And... Continue Reading →

I've come to terms with expression. Finding myself surrounded with exposing the secret craft that haunts me. My story. The real spice and golden nature of my being. When I feel consumed with out question. Secretly I would lock myself in a room and listen to music. Dance, sing, and write until every obstacle, trouble,... Continue Reading →

Pattern to Evolution

I've noticed that after the dust settles, and life seems comfortable. I become uneasy.  I no longer find words to express. My therapy in writing, becomes entrapment. I feel lost and out of place. I search for a tranquility. Something to center my peace. At the same time every year, I ask myself "Whats next?"... Continue Reading →

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