Spiritual Healing


To fully find peace and strength into moving forth with your life you must let go of every 
negative event and person. Forgiveness is the key to knowledge and understanding. How can change
enter into your life if you don't fully understand and embrace the knowledge of who you are.
To move forward and grow you must heal from all internal pain that has infested in you.

1st step: Acknowledge the issue (lose, pain, vengeance, burn, battle, childhood)
             Tap into the memory that holds and binds you. What happened in the past?
2nd step: Recognize the abuser (recall all parties that are involved)
             Even include yourself and what did you do?
3rd step: Place yourself on the outside of the situation
             And identify the affect it had on everyone involved 
4th step: Understanding (which can be hard, but so important)
             see the situation as a negative force as a life lesson. That this person did you 
             wrong due to something due to something that happened to them. That a cycle
             as manifested into people that we don't even recognize. For someone to hurt 
             someone else it is a reflection of what they have been through or seen. That's 
             all that they know. Its not sympathy. Its understanding the cycle that you must 
             break to move forward.
5th step: Forgiveness (empathy and compassion for the one who hurt you)
             this is releasing all that has happened and moving on. No one is perfect. We are 
             all human. We make mistakes. Each negative force that we encounter are our trophies 
             that strengthen us and makes us the beautiful creatures we are. Lessons we learn to
             build character. Let it go.

Healing is never easy. The demons and secrets we carry are baggage we carry for no reason. Free 
yourself and embrace you new beginning. 

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