stolen heart

BY: Shelbi Henny

Sustaining the curse of folding 
into grief
cool winds and ice cold waters
brush against the gaps 
of the open wound which once was held my heart
suffocating from multiple heartattacks
and pneumonia sucking the air
living on life-support I only 
hear the world around me 
never fully feeling apart of it
watching you feeling surrounded
I witness a present you held 
with golden trimmings and red ribbon
you bend on one knee 
and reach for a woman's hand
quickly opening it I see my heart in your hand
a vengeance so streaking 
it beats in contact of your touch
and you reward a stranger to me
my heart that was scorned
with kisses and hugs 
I know that we are over yet how hateful
could you be
to steal the thing you loved yet broke
and give to someone that could never be me

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