Broken shoes

By: shelbi henny I tied a knot intoThe shoe lacesExplaining how long I have chased you Sketching and measuringThe distance since I Last seen the hatred Spew from your lipsAnd smother me Dismissing the foundationI cut each slit forOpportunity Knowing that I couldNever measure The inadequacy Of a distorted figureYou presume I can never beI... Continue Reading →

Was you

By: shelbi henny Carnage Loading the advisory Omitting the need to escapeAnd I lay hereCounting the minutesThat's been taken And you leave hoursBleeding the days Of my broken heartI feel devouredBetrayal at the front DoorAnd you spit and singThe usage of fleshAnd love drained From me A visionaryTo see me brokenA magician And twisting liabilityAnd... Continue Reading →


By shelbi henny Specs of adulteryLeaks of adequate spacesThat never realignTempting waterfallsInto fearing that I can beA victim to another crimeAnother sad fatal disaster Smoldering torch thatErupts like a volcano A dark murky lairNo trust in oxygenFate leading me to despairRepetitive tortureCrossing and stepping onCracksRats and vulturesAt the feet of a tombReaching for air When... Continue Reading →

scented candles

By: Shelbi Henny scented soaps and apple cider vinegarwith river water soaked in mango and minta fragrance of shea butter with hints of vanilla and cocoa beansthin skin of mahoganythe visiblity of shame and triumphto cater to the lonely definition of loads of laundry that i carrybeyond bouquets of rosesthat dance in conjunctionto pumpkin patchesi... Continue Reading →


By:Shelbi Henny on the shutters stained a serpent swirling the character of willowed despaircurling next to brickand stoneseparating the essence of contentment we wither arguing over minimusresolutionsand meanings that hold deeper infatuationand cursing us into unions that slowly eat at a centerof our darkest corewhile a snake seats at our doorslithers at our doorstepcamps at... Continue Reading →


By: Shelbi Henny Satsuma Mandarina tantalizing conundrumof separating a bitter sting rectifying a vine that crosses beneathmy valetrocking on a center piecethat swings to no despairand leaves crossing overbranches that no longersingle woodyet tests the listings of forgotten fruit we linger and lines dangle reflect a subtle neckand tangible spacesthat leave nothing leftthat hang nothing... Continue Reading →


By: Shelbi Henny In the tavernsthe significants of merely touchingthe diaphragmwe gasp to igniteand sip in kisses that take formbirthing this infection of uscasting the wits to see you nakedin physical and spiritual divinei won't lie and bare the explanation of how deepi fold into this spaceof wanting you near me yet afraid to say... Continue Reading →

unknown identity

By:Shelbi Henny wire laces bordering the true identitythat was hiding underneatha beautiful facesitting with a devilish smilewith arms to drain out every single lie then push the truth into cushioned wall roomsthat whisperand tie you down with injections of polygamynumbing hypothesesof treatment draining you in filththough withstandingthe outcome yet suffering in agonyyour skin burnsyour body... Continue Reading →


By; Shelbi Henny There was a dwindle of shattered glassin our circumferenceas we mixed sand from countlesshardships to encounter the cement that plagued our illustration of what love could never beour unlikely reactions and emotionssmoldering in acquaintenancewith dispositionswater stirring the admirationthat formed the manuscriptof bliss yet sustaining beautythat breaks the rays and combust in tangent... Continue Reading →

defining despair

By: Shelbi Henny the true definition of despair is the complete loss of hopeand as the tears dwindle down my face i calculate the indifferenceof the casualities ache in my belly as i drownand press on when stinging from honey beescollapse at each side of my lungsthat causes mild heartattacks when realizingthe empties and longingwith... Continue Reading →

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