dear foolish girl



I have a tattoo that says, ” Follow your heart and chase your dreams.”  I’ve always let my heart lead and guide me, because I felt that how can I give my all to something if I don’t love it. How can I appreciate it if my heart doesn’t believe and feel for it? In the same sense, I can honestly admit to being a foolish girl in love. Sometimes we see the potential in someone and never fully see what they truly are, in hopes that we can mold them and change them to be that potential. At the end of the day, we are broken when they refuse to change. I’ve sacrificed a lot in the name of love, which is foolish. Crazy thing is I DO NOT REGRET IT. I’ve learned from it. Deep down I’ve learned that my foolish heart has molded me into a better person. I know what I want, what I offer, and what I deserve. I know my worth. And thru all my encounters, I feel a piece of me is still with them. That I somehow changed them too….. just as they did me. And with my foolish heart, I hold a undeniable ability to love unconditionally. I am enlightened. I forgive, but I promise you I don’t forget. Learning and remembering go hand in hand.

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