By: Shelbi Henny

Frantic to this simple touch
and though I've never experienced 
I know you haven't held the truth
hiding behind a thrill that only takes from you
I want nothing beyond this 
my reaction to this melody 
combust to yearning to live this way
my imagination wonders on 
I know I must leave this here 
and travel to the enchanted
I feel I should stay and dream here
property conducting a force of maturity
you will never leave
and your situation is never easy
I refuse to take what I can't get 
playing the harmony that never makes sense
reluctant to see the difference 
and embrace control
relationships define absolutely nothing anymore
yet time holds so much weight
and emotions are barriers to the situation
happiness only reflect short memories
pain and lose never the reason to leave
sitting on hopes I never had 
because I know the difference from transparent 
rolling stones 
and rockstars with ambition
I know you to well
to say that this could be wrong or right
and promises never make it
wondering why am I involved

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