fear me not

By: Shelbi Henny

In the arms of my beholder
I reflect on what you mean
what defines your biggest fear
wondering if this is only a dream
basking in possibilities
existing on what could be
I understand rushing develops gaps
when time shows strength
trying to prevent the past
from repeating itself 
I look at you different
though my main focus is my smile
and then yours 
I'm not easy to justify 
and you are more complex than to the naked eye
wrapping emotions that coil
construct a foundation 
and pray that the guards 
guard the castle
that the Troy walls protect me 
because with you 
I see war
and all you want is victory
to the precious jewel of my heart
a warrior of great magnitude
I am lost yet intrigued
prefixed to philosophy 
I want the perfect hero 
to save
yet I'm afraid 

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