gambler’s lost love

By: Shelbi Henny

The currency of truths
battling the lose of wanting
a distant direction 
hoping that it leads me in front of your door
holding the utmost creation
that we need to understand 
standing in the rain of ambition that makes no sense 
tears falling from my eyes
i wanted to see if this was real
reaching out to stop time 
i tried explaining over and over 
how this must end tonight 
that i shouldn't be here
and you can't be mine
respecting nothing
just following my heart
yet that never cashes out
that this is what it is 
addiction at its best 
taunting the viewers that also play parts
in corrupting the lost and broken hearted
a fixed emotion that leaves me broke
bankruptcy to the lustful intuition
i was given high hopes
that crashed and left me outside in the cold
lint and one penny to my name
you stole everything that you once adored

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