I remember the first day I met this crazy free spirited individual….and honestly it changed my life. When you are at your lowest point in your life. And you have absolutely nothing. The true test is the people that stick around you when you have nothing. No confidence, money, home, and even a voice. That person that even when you don’t know it is there pushing you and standing up for you. No one fully understood our friendship. The behind the scene actions and words you put forth. Friends for 12 years. We have argued, not spoken, disagreed, and fell out before, but through it all you have always remained a true friend to me. I can never fully pay you back for all the things you have done for me. I can say I am truly blessed to call you my best friend. As distant and complex as I am, you somehow get me. I can tell you so many stories to where you saved my life or even supported me. I feel as though people still wouldn’t understand the magnitude of our friendship. Love you and thank you so much for just being you

Salikia K. Trahan

True friendship is defined by actions. When the cameras, money, and fame cease, will they still remain? Who can you call on when you have no where to go? They understand your characteristics and support you. Nothing is peaches and crème. Each trial and tribulation is manifested to either show you who is down for you. Friends are people that come into your life that are not blood related and compliment your style. They initiate your interactions to understanding your place. They are the ones who get you. They are the ones who complete the package of finding relations. You need that person to tell you when you are wrong. You need that person you can share your secrets too. You need that person or people to confide in. You need that person who understands your style and likes and dislikes. That best friend to come and cheer you on. We need that closeness with someone who fully gets us. They are the ones who show you trust and loyalty. The ones you can count on. Who got you if the world ends? Who can you chill with on a boring day and just enjoy each others company? Friendships is the family you can CHOOSE.

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  1. Well I’m just as happy being your friend. As much as I do for you; you have done the same for me. I love you and you will always be my sister.

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