I can lie to you and say that I am an angel. A person that never did wrong or ever crossed over to the other side. Honestly I am no saint. I’ve broken my share of hearts, been disrespectful, and stole. I’ve screamed “F$%cK  Love” and all that comes with it. I’ve been that angry person, because of being hurt. The truth is after all the trauma, hardship, and heartache I’ve endured it all started to turn me. When it seemed  like I couldn’t trust anyone. Friends, family, or relationships was just so disappointing. At the time it seemed no matter how positive I was or how I tried to progress wholeheartedly, I kept getting pushed back to nothing. And then your mentality becomes, “Why beat them Just join them”. Expecting and learning to just be the same thing that turned you cold.

Can I ask you a question? Who breaks the cycle? Who has control? I began to look around and distance myself. I evaluted the connection between me and the people that did me wrong. We are all individuals reacting to what we have been thru. Responding to what we are taught. So if I act just like the ones that did me wrong how will the world change. How will my world evolve and reflect on me? I want to be different. I want that same love to percipitated into something better. Everything that I was putting out began to come back. All the things that i wanted to come began to seem so far. I couldn’t look in the mirror at the ugly person I had become. Being that exact person or doing the same thing that broke my heart was no way to be. I was getting deeper and deeper into the person I feared. Every mistake I learn from and take them as they are….”LESSONS”

I am far from perfect. I acknowledge each and every mistake I’ve made. I embrace those dark times to push me into a better light. To change my outlook on progression and accept the truth in decision making. I believe in Karma and it reflect all that you’ve done wrong coming back.What you put out is what you get back “10 Folds”

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