i am i can i will

FB_IMG_1440351848361I had lost everything in California. I had lost the job i had went to school for. Working petty jobs just to make ends meet. I gave up my house that i was renting. Missing my family and feeling like I had no one. I was culturally different. My mannerisms seemed either unethical or too soft to handle city living. I couldn’t even find the energy to write. I had no release. I was bottling up the frustration of so much disappointment. I moved to California in the illusion of spreading my wings from a small city girl to embracing the state of dreams.

All of the things I worked so hard to build seemed to crash. That experience was the true test of how strong I really was. Tired of the constant battle and hitting the anniversary of being there for a year I decided to head back south. But the question was where do I go? Pushing further towards my ambition I decided to go somewhere other than Louisiana. I set ny goals. I wanted to piece everything back in order and redefine my abilities into carving my own life success. I wanted to get back in my career, write, get a car, an apartment, and center my spirituality. When you lose everything you always have 2 choices?

1.Lay down and accept defeat…surrounding yourself with negativity…losing yourself..and continuing your spiral of defeat by your own hands

2. Recover and become a conquer… Strategize on something better…find who you are… Enlighten your heart with courage…be willing to put in the work and start a new day

I accepted # 2. It took a year, but honey everything I lost was given better than ever… And one important thing i learned from survival is that with faith and strength.. I can overcome any obstacle in my way. I am stronger than I appear. Believe in yourself my loves. Troubles don’t last always

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