I’ve come to terms with expression. Finding myself surrounded with exposing the secret craft that haunts me. My story. The real spice and golden nature of my being. When I feel consumed with out question. Secretly I would lock myself in a room and listen to music. Dance, sing, and write until every obstacle, trouble, fear, worry, and negativity is drained from me. And left on the tan carpet in my bedroom. With this secret, I am plagued with expression. As an artist, our creativity can morph into an ugly monster that hides under our beds. Pushing us to worry about who is watching. Who can see my capabilities? Who can judge me? Who mockery of my talents? Which can cause fear..

Fully jumping into my craft. I’ve hidden behind working and relieving in shadows. I would look in awe at individuals I met that would explode and indulge in fulfilling their purpose. I was idolizing believers and achievers. People that I knew who were creating and living in their gift. Pushing my friends and cheering them on into greatness, while hiding my own. After building my confidence into purpose. Realizing that the amazing talent I was blessed with is beyond private diary disclosure. This was the last piece of healing for me. To embrace who I was as an artist and push ME for a change.

Nothing is wrong with support each other. What I’m saying is.. What is wrong being your very own cheerleader? The fear of judgement and critic confides us to four walls in our basements. Thinking of what if and what could have been. I never want to wonder if I would have let go of fear how far would I go. I want to be standing in ambition to releasing the gifts that mark greatness within me. My therapy to learning and growing as a woman, as well as an artist.

To my readers, I want to challenge you to believe in you. To not let fear choke you and suffocate your ability to spread your wings and share dwell in your talents. Its never easy. There will be hardwork and dedication needed to push thru, yet we can do this. I believe you. Its time you believe in you too.

























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