Rainy Dates

By: Shelbi Henny

shadows that appear in phone lighting
while winds pick up 
and rain hits the wooden window pane
lightening hitting 
while I melt in your embrace 
playing in my hair 
collecting thoughts
only opening our eyes to stare in darkness 
at each others' silhouette
I feel you
beyond touch 
a storm brewing as music combines to melodies
I feel electricity from being near you
laying across your chest as we swing 
back porches 
to witness the rain
a simple meeting 
were nothing matters at all
just us 
taking in the time 
that seems to freeze 
and sleeps in our care
when doing absolutely nothing 
is the best times 
when tedious conversations 
turn into body fusions 
creating laughter and smiles 
that turn joyous endeavors internally
we agree to want this forever

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