Until now.

By: Shelbi Henny

We were stuttering on the sea shore
listening to my heart beating more
into the cool breeze
and i find myself asking crazy questions
like what is love
before I thought I really knew what it truly means 
to be head over heels 
before I claimed it as lightheaded with compositions
when i feel strong now
solid on the ground with beautiful benedictions
ambitions to accomplish the inevitable 
when before i could only think of them 
i evaluate the cylinder 
the base that makes me fall into you
the laughter and smiles that burst from nature
when everything else seems like mechanical infiltrates 
time seems to go fast and move slow at the same time
comfortably on my mind 
ferocious to invade your space
though we mesh well
swirling conversations 
understanding delegations to filling the sentences
that part our lips in coppers 
branding us to see the ugly 
and accept it 
compassionate to push for more
give me all of you
and vice versa 
i guess this is how its suppose to be 
wanting forever 
so badly 
i guess this is what true love really means

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