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When I was in Houston, Texas, I was doing a lot of searching in my career.  My first book wasn’t doing as well as I hoped. I couldn’t blame anyone or thing, because it was all my doing. When I published my first book, I was still in a state of shock.  I didn’t want to be recognized. I didn’t want attention, because of fearing change. That people would change on me or treat me differently. Embarrassed of my craft. A low-self esteem vision of who I was as a writer. And I think the bravest thing a artist can do is release their art. It so nerve racking exposing yourself in a vulnerable state and reveal yourself. I battled that for years, so when I came to a realization is that I love writing. Writing is like air to me. My medicine to heal and soothe my soul. I felt things fall around me to push me into soaring in my craft.

I left my job and moved back home to Louisiana to start this journey on revealing myself. I wanted to jump into poetry, yet tell my story. I was fully exposing my truth. Publishing my skeletal structure on how I became me. I collected all my poetry I had in my journal and wrote some new from memories I had. I decided to self publish to gain control. Every piece I morphed into artistic visual confessions. With photography taking a vibe of completion.

My book is available now on global online exposure.

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Check it out. Read my truth. Love You All…..

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