patty patience

BY: shelbi henny

by the symmetry
of drawing the conflicts 
we know nothing other than 
demonstrating a story of 
breaking me into solitude
that sings me to sleep 
and keeps me up at night
breaking the culture 
chain of changing everything that
made me whole 
turning me into a zombie 
that forthcoming into reasoning 
to design a platform that 
a privacy that I no 
longer have
happy go lucky
seems sad 
when placed in knowing 
I no longer have control 
temperatures of that 
and I waited 
protruding into the space
where counting numbers 
become saying the alphabet
singing turns into 
talking in circles
tunes are writing the blues
and I remain speechless 
seeing myself worthless 
yet valuing 
images I can't explain
is it heartburn or heartache
is turmoil or lack of 


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