unconnected cords

By: shelbi

umbilical cord wrapping in infinity
suspending me to the words of delegation
to measure
the hours that pass with a comfortability
that cause an uneasy sense 
of vitality 
searching in the reasonings
that separate
and push into insanity
yet is that the peace coiling
in the pits 
of others that chess play 
the words of suspense 
knowing as easily played
explaining and remaining silent 
focusing on the jewels and crystals 
to find center
locating premonitions that
see and hear nothing 
yet know everything about intentions 
does it make me afraid 
or better yet resilient 
to know that more surpass yet merely
doesn't understand me 
closing joy in the questions that never truly space 
and categorize me as normal
just simply human
and the beauty from differences in 
the two 
makes me peculiar yet unusual 
the villain of robotics
and hero of humanity
going into the cord
that cuts me from
electronics and being distant 
to remaining free and open 

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