Breast feeding

The harsh reality of ignorance and lack of education in breastfeeding deters many mothers from venturing into the most natural and nurturing gift we possess. African American women having the lowest rate of initiation and duration. We constantly subject to embarrassment, lack of resources, cultural ritual, and misconstrued knowledge of benefits. Forcing us to give up and continue the stereotype of formula healthy babies are easier to thrive for. Being a mother is never easy.

I’ve always been a person to go against the grain. I’ve never fully accepted or followed tradition. I wanted to fully embrace the gift of motherhood. I wanted to gift and pursue the best dialogue in nurturing my child. I spoke to my friends and even did some research on what’s the best way for me and my daughter to soar.

At every turn people were so discouraging in sustaining success in breastfeeding, from in the hospital to my own mother. Thank goodness for my partner, friends, and breastfeeding group on Facebook. They made me feel comfortable and confident that at every turn I was achieving. They provided me with knowledge and security that I could achieve breastfeeding.

The bond me and my daughter share is magnificent. Every time we are at the doctor, I’m greeted with praise for how healthy she is. The money I save from not buying formula. She is so advanced its unbelievable. My health and awareness as well benefits. And with all the sacrifices I make to breast feed her I feel more aligned to my purpose and find joy being her mother.

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