By; Shelbi Henny

There was a dwindle of shattered glass
in our circumference
as we mixed sand from countless
to encounter the cement
that plagued our illustration
of what love could never be
our unlikely reactions and emotions
smoldering in acquaintenance
with dispositions
water stirring the admiration
that formed the manuscript
of bliss
yet sustaining beauty
that breaks the rays
and combust in tangent
spaces that was empty
yet sing again
and though I've never heard
of these lovely tunes
why do they seem so familiar
why must they pull the seams
that draws us together
separate strangers
becoming flat surfaces
that hold the barriers we break
molding into sculptures as
we swiftly are joined
we are solid
gray in color yet beaming
in yellows, reds,greens
and vibrant blues
we are holding

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