By: Shelbi Henny

In the taverns
the significants of merely touching
the diaphragm
we gasp to ignite
and sip in kisses that take form
birthing this infection of us
casting the wits to see you naked
in physical and spiritual divine
i won't lie
and bare the explanation of how deep
i fold into this space
of wanting you near me
yet afraid to say my true intentions
or escape the mystery that i
proclaim to cage
the scent of you
or have the visibility
to lay dormant
devouring the air to taste you
and so shall i
configure the maps into traveling
and exploring organic
water turning into wine
sipping grapes and grapefruit
strawberries and nectarines
to our chest placed in stilts
rapidly signing energy of fear and bliss
glass flutes that drip in toxicity
a venom that parts the lips
above so below
and punctures the drips that lead

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