By:Shelbi Henny

on the shutters 
stained a serpent
swirling the character
of willowed despair
curling next to brick
and stone
separating the essence
of contentment
we wither
arguing over minimus
and meanings that hold
deeper infatuation
and cursing us into unions
that slowly eat at a center
of our darkest core
while a snake seats at our door
slithers at our doorstep
camps at our porch
while we stand on principles
that mask the divine truth
that we should no longer sign
and miss the deceit
we both created
we both endured
we both manipulated
yet i was simple and unsure
yet you toyed with others
creating blankets of poisonious
copperheads, coral, and water snakes
that slowly seep into the cracks
of the walls
a nest of cobras

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