scented candles

By: Shelbi Henny

scented soaps 
and apple cider vinegar
with river water
soaked in mango
and mint
a fragrance of shea butter
with hints of vanilla
and cocoa beans
thin skin of mahogany
the visiblity of shame
and triumph
to cater to the lonely
definition of loads of
laundry that i carry
beyond bouquets of roses
that dance in conjunction
to pumpkin patches
i see the rain
as clear and translucent
as wet as tears
as cold as my leaking heart
singling every drop into my core
that reflects a despair and grief
and tugs me to the ground
with puddles of truths that
covered so many lies in
grass and concrete
and yet i sing in the rain
hugging myself
to step away
and long for the scents
that once was so familiar
yet i am different
when everything seems similar
yet i feel broken and new

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