Season 2- Episode 134

Episode 134- Blame Game

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  1. What if your the person who falls under the narcissist category, …
    But I never realized it or looked at it that way because I felt the exact same way about my partner.
    I completely feel what your saying because you put this in perspective for me and I really needed this !!!
    I’ve been told these words about myself , while dealing while issues with dealing and trying to overcome anger and rage trying to change but I felt as though I was hindered by my partner because of the
    “ triggers “
    But when I would say well I did this and I accept it but and that’s the word but when you did this it triggered me . I’ve had trouble separating the two sides because I couldn’t see how I was deflecting while being told what I did wrong to them .
    In saying that I mean i found it hard to comprehend how I could be so much of the problem when I was reacting to something so wouldn’t the initial action be the problem? Is what I’ve asked myself for so long . I realize in doing so and not just accepting responsibility without having to say but I only did this because you did this .
    I can honestly say I see what my wife was saying all these years but at the time I couldn’t because I was to busy trying to figure out when where and how we got here when did I become this monster of a person and why can she only recall the bad but see none of my good . I was “ thinking as a single person”
    Thinking only of the way I felt and not thinking about the weight that what my actions had on my parter entirely because I’m always so quick to forgive I didn’t think about the collective of everything I had put her through the thing she hasn’t held from and couldn’t forget because it change who she was as a person and went against the stander she had for her self .
    After listening to this as a man I can say I’m not perfect, I can be up and down and I can accept the fact that In my marriage I’ve become a narcissist it sucks to realize this about yourself especially when it’s the exact opposite of what you want to be .
    Since my wife exited a toxic situation my world has been upside down a million times over but I don’t blame her and I’m not made at her I’ve made the separation so much harder to to my emotional state to the point where we may never be able to be cool with one another.
    I wish I would have know this about myself before becoming an adult so I could have gotten some type of help before making a mess of everything and ruining the person who genuinely loved me for me flaws and all .
    Keep doing you thing your a great speaker and you are good at putting thing in perspective
    You’ll be famous one day


    1. We are human…. the fact you realize everything as a whole reflects the true compassion of change and healing for you… Its never too late to learn yourself and grow. And though the outcome may feel a hindrance or a fog to the damages, you will be surprised at peace you grasp for her and you. All that’s left is the honesty… my partner died.. and the one thing I wished was to finally hear the honesty… thank you for listening.. this podcast helps me but I’m so glad and blessed it helps others as well


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