By shelbi henny

Specs of adultery
Leaks of adequate spaces
That never realign
Tempting waterfalls
Into fearing that I can be
A victim to another crime
Another sad fatal disaster
Smoldering torch that
Erupts like a volcano
A dark murky lair
No trust in oxygen
Fate leading me to despair
Repetitive torture
Crossing and stepping on
Rats and vultures
At the feet of a tomb
Reaching for air
When there is terror
Behind a mystery
My hearts been dead since
The stroke of December
Dragging the pieces in
Strapped suitcases
Closing my eyes before
The sun
Is there anyone I can trust
That won't bind me to misery
Crushing every single
Strand of hope that
Relinquish my torment
Shattering particles that
Turn into dust
Love isn't enough
When trust leaves
With their hand at my throat

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