By:Shelbi Henny

dangling in this 
I know that love proofreads its followers
granting the knowledge of its purity 
I became a scavenger
reluctant to the caliber of knowing i'll never find it
I witness passengers recall the atmosphere
of how they nurtured it and married it
I sing the song patience 
I know that it will scatter
leaving clues of whatevers and hopeful encounters 
a foolish belief that someday i'll go after it
yet I sit in this state off wanting honesty 
better my chances of building my oxygen
I want greatness 
just to taste it 
comatose to the basics 
I found that it could creep into the night
suffocate me into change 
burden my now
scream for acceptance I know that should follow
yet I never really count the justification
of it being here
or maybe its under the table or 
hiding inside my dreams
never know the react of its historical scheme 

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