When I was a little girl my family would play this song during cookouts, or when my mom was cook and cleaning.

I’ve listened to this song a million times and discovered different reasons for importance. I know its lovemaking music. LOL. but today I want this to be the topic.



Acknowledge your reasoning. The force that pushes you to achieve and soar. Harness that reason and never let it go. Let it feed your ambition.

We all have a reason why we do things. Why we work so hard? Why we get up everyday? Why we sacrifice? Why we want change? Now as soon as you find that reason. Establish if it is positive one. Don’t use a negative reasoning to steer you. Sometimes we question our lives course never fully grasping the concept of control. You control your happiness. You can use a negative Reasoning to push you into greatness. Your true inspiration is taking all that you been thru and turning that into a positive force that builds you into striving for success.. My reasoning for waking up everyday and going so hard for each dream that I have is… my past. When you come from nothing you strive for something different, something better. Simple reasoning…right? but it pushes me to reach for the stars. To be better that what was expected of me. Just know there is always a reason to want for happiness, to want a change, and to want a better life. Grab it and soar

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