Once I was so self-conscious, which is normal. Society tells us what’s beautiful, so in return we strive for that. We look at tv, magazines, and social media and see something totally different from what we see in the mirror. I wanted to be smaller and wear makeup. I wanted smaller lips and different colored eyes. I wanted longer hair. I wanted to be taller. I wanted to be lighter in skin toned. And in this quest we strive for those things by changing and transforming into what we see. I wanted these attributes changed, so that I could see beauty. And we never really believe we are beautiful unless we are told by someone else. In my journey of enlightenment and growth. I took a step back and evaluated my mentality. What made me feel this way? What is so wrong with just being me?

EXERCISE:      I got out the shower and stood in front the mirror and wrote every compliment known to the dictionary on the mirror. And I just stood there and looked at myself wholeheartedly as though I was a stranger. I was an admirer to me. Crazy, I know. But sometimes we have to step out of ourselves and see the true divine glory we possess.

You never see the truth until you stare at it on YOUR OWN and face reality. That was my reality. That I was a beautiful creature that was beyond what I have seen. No one made me feel beautiful. No one has the key to discovering who you are, but you. You are beautiful my loves. just the way you are……




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