files of distance

By: Shelbi Henny

biggest supporter yet your just a distant fan
I remember driving in the mustang with the top pulled back 
always starving for more
memories are where we left them
even though I never wanted them to stop
I left an open letter hoping you would catch on
dealing with demons and promises 
I was battling different emotions that refused to surface
lusting for it to be worth it
only for a short time I was building past notions
Couldn't lie to the impossible 
I left fantasies at your door
boxes never opened
until I left 
and then you finally seen it all
wish it was visible before
Everything was real for me 
Though I could never make you want it this way
I hope that in your heart I can never be replaced
its too late
distance and time separates us
I never want you to forget
I hope I stay the first
selfish of me to want you with no one else
crazy how I can't believe you never knew
that all I wanted was you

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