understanding a wanders kiss

By: Shelbi Henny

wondering the evidence irrelevant
truths of sacrifice 
spacing the similarities 
I hide behind the reality that 
this connects 
that all this builds into routine
that confusion lingers in travelers 
of broken promises
a stranger that is so foreign yet the same
excuses of wanting this balance
I ask of nothing but time 
and I am so distant
so close to making you smile
but far enough to wonder whats behind mine
the primal instinct would be to find
a boundary to cross with me
living in lands of desert crimes
I only want the best to be remembered 
and I realize that I can forget you
repetitive notion that this is just a good time
that replays over and over in your mind
I recall a sweet innocent response
to the relation to my form
yet you will never know me 
to understand that I am yours
and you will never comprehend that
I no longer fill voids
that sustain an absolute reaction
to the petty thoughts of love
I believe in them
hard to tell if it was yours

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