Be you

316633_303080213051479_2070701298_nOne night after a night of sneaking in the club and drinking, my very close friend drove me home, and we sat in the car just reminiscing on good times. This is the time I wore baggy clothes and cut my hair. When you are young you search for confirmation instead of just accepting the only opinion that matters, which is your own. We try so many different styles and ways of life to see what fits. Basically learning who we are as individuals.

 And he looked at me and said, “What is all this girl? What style you going for?” I busted out laughing at his question and he shook his head at me. “I know. You’ve always been different Shelbi. Always, but you know what honey that’s a good thing. Why try to be something you not. What’s the point of trying to fit in this place anyway. When the best feeling in the world is to be yourself.” I smiled at him and took a sip of my beer. “Don’t let nobody make you into there image. Be who you want to be. Life to short, shit. There is so much I want to do out of this city, Shelbi.”

That was the last thing my friend Corey said to me after taking his life the next day. The best advice I could ever get. That night we talked about everything and I felt so understood it was unreal. He taught me the meaning of self acknowledgement. That as individualize we search for everyone’s confirmation when we should accept our own. This is our life and identity. That was my sign to never lose me. Materialistic things never stay, yet you will always remain. Never lose who you are. See the world for what it is and what you are.

In remembrance


Corey Wayne Syas

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