By: Shelbi Henny

texture of the inadequate
all respect is lost 
into translation of belonging to no one
when fighting back tears 
you recall the plan
and all you wanted was the physical
when the emotion was spiraling 
in different directions
this is why commitment means nothing
being a forceful mind of hopes
that never complete its full course
lingering in change
I expect the worst 
silent to request 
decisions that fold in consistency
I know when you are distant with emotions 
that you cradle them from me
a constantly repeat no pressure
you still stress and look at me
for answers
a definite disdain
complicated when it should be so easy
paying attention to everything you say
what more can i prove that I'm here
when I know you want to run to the hills
communicating something intriguing 
then forcing it to be uncontrollable
indecisive to conclude the easy process

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