By: Shelbi Henny

recognizing that anger
doesn't justify the moments
or the fact that honesty 
wasn't built it your primal instincts
that the response is defeated
and mourning the closing 
is a waste of time
feeling so misunderstood 
someone felt responsible
for the close figures
that stood on treacherous lands
we was almost there
in the pictures of love romances
conquering the belief that transpires to dust
I can never see the sunshine 
in the arms of chivalry
that forces you to see the time wasted in 
pretending to ignore the basics
I knew you well
but that doesn't make it appear
it just makes the situation radical
waiting is forced into disappearing
tempting the outburst 
of wanting to say you full of it
understanding can take only so far
and stupidity 
pushes selfish deeds
when you only wanted to stay with conditions 

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