restless dreamer

928966_348574895337748_1299456573_nSometimes we can be so caught up in trying to succeed we lose the relaxing time. Creatively sometimes I can’t sleep. I’m always thinking what’s next, what I am missing, or even what I have to do. When your mind wonders off into what you need, want, or even dream. Our bodies  and minds become restless. I’ve learned 2 things that calms me at night.


Simple right… I don’t believe in sleep aids, drinking, or any drug to help me sleep. I believe in centering myself and my thoughts. I always believe in tomorrow. Whatever I can’t finish I try to think that there is always tomorrow. I drink my chamomile tea and zen out to slow melodic music. Shut out the world and embrace your inner core. Collect your thoughts in the ability to think of simplicity. If you can enjoy the simple enjoyments of life, then how can you stress over complexity. Life will throw you curve  balls everyday. Things that you can not control, but to remember the simple blessings that you have can. Can reflect your spirits true form. When you have absolutely everything or even absolutely nothing there will always be that stress. That question transpiring to think what’s next or what you can do?

Sleep is highly important. Its a time when your body can rest and recoup. Never miss that. Never stress get your rest! 🙂

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