never forget me

By: Shelbi Henny

transfer the energy of conjunction
making the oblivious interact
I taste the mournful bliss
that rolls from your lips into the air 
the fever that connects to your heart
and evaporates to your body
that it leaves you mesmerized 
when thoughts of me appear 
you can only think of memories
what could have been 
dreams fall into mere fantasies
as they invade your daydreams 
and conquer images of touches 
that are imprinted only by me
trickling in flashes of light 
that burn and cause scars
lingering in the abstinence 
that forces you to realize you need me
that it cuts deeper and slowly builds
a current that is always so close
erupting in just my voice
I hope you feel the rain that pours
and leaves you anger
that the feeling was so mutual
you had nothing left to reach for but air
space abandoned in the critical moments of us
hoping and wishing they live on
and happen repeatedly for relief
destined to star in the darkest sky
my mission coals at the back of your mind
that you never forget me


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