giant prospective

By: Shelbi Henny

anatomy I find the core of it
falling in the cracks of decisions
I want to go back to something that seems familiar
I'm intrigued by the differences
when interactions become lustful
nothing the direction doesn't lead to substance
remembering that the calendar can't fix 
the catastrophic allusion
swearing on picking the clearest resolution
it becomes foggy to the statues 
forcing hopes that pick and choose
dreams finding ultimate tantrums
that never ball into the right court
I find myself calling the name of similarities
yet my friends beg me to fall for emotions
that just don't seem real 
and I open wide the caution
that rumbles into the answer
I don't seem to have
nervous that I could regret walking away 
from the best encounter
and living in the clouds 
visioning the warmth of you 
you never respond 
and I don't want to chase a broken promise
still I don't want to take to long
that can break my heart
yet I am afraid
not fully wanting to complicate the freedom
knowing that I wish upon stars for 
stories I write about
but realistic to knowing it could never be you
explaining all my what ifs 
that spin in circles around this empty withdrawal
holding glasses that seem foggy and embrace my tomorrows
we seem so small
to stand next to what we want

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