Hustler chronicles


I lived in Lafayette, La for 3 years. I finished college while juggling 3 jobs. I had my back against the wall. Burning through all my energy. My friends and family wanted to see me, but my mind was on survival. When you come from nothing. The ambition and drive pushes through you and forces you to hustle. My health was going down. Constantly running on my hustle. I missed out on living. Enjoying moments I could never replace. Pushing myself to the limit of almost not making it to enjoy everything I was accomplishing. The hardest part about it was the drowning feeling. Feeling like if I stopped I would truly be gone. And the fact I was my own everything. I kept diving myself in work that I crashed. Money isn’t everything, yet its something you need to survive. Crazy thing is without money people gravitate to you to look down, but with money people have there hands out in protest of need. Greed is the ugly demon that shows you a side of humanity that seems controlling.

Money comes and goes, but the true test is the people that stay around you with or without it. The people that motivate you to grind, yet let you live in moments unforgettable. Take time to focus on what you are working so hard for. Its hard out here, yet you only have one life to live. Live it the best way possible.

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