weekly fav

Night Fantasies

By: Brittney Kemp

A new dawn and the day has been prepared
There is a self proclaimed award deserved
There’s a sun that lays once more
And there will be no more pity
A fantasy preserved for many nights
Finally be showered in its own making
In one bold color
I’ll live as a beginner
Arms stretched out like the blackest wings

I will take you to seclusion
You get there but wont remember
You’ll fall back to wander
I greet you to my fantasy
I am sure I owe to you
Your body rest uncovered
Natural responses as blood cycles faster than average
We’ll be so carefree

As I grab something so edgy
And hold you like you have
Hate as if I loved you
Something in you carried for so long
That once belonged mines.
Lord, I come back once more to pray
Please don’t let me be misunderstood

Cuts leak what I seek
I’ll savor and forgive in your last heartbeats

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