prince & the frog

By: Shelbi Henny

heart racing 
spilling confessions 
"I love you" just won't disappear
basing my confusion 
on memories locked in a cage
tell me truthfully it was all a movie
written in love songs
you head-strong
refusing the dilemma that crushed us before
wanted the baby even though you were gone
never truly mine but I thought we could get along
a family wanted just to prolong your visits
you always forget me
but I still live, die and breath
all that you did
carrying the burden of all that was said 
you never wanted
but you never said it 
love was pure torture
I just regret it 
beautiful creation
riots created 
left in the streets 
while you live in a mansion
no spell to reverse time
you took what you wanted 
while I was hunted

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