know me

By: Shelbi Henny

the weirdest thing is that you can't be
tempting and releasing the beauty that remains
folded in the clear nothingness 
seeming aware
that the sweetest piece exist 
taunting omega thoughts
wanting the ultimate understanding
knowing that it can never be figured out
shading the compromise
so messed up from reality
that fairy tale seems unreal
modifying the honesty that turns off
and projecting the ugliest fascination 
substituting searching for absolute fun
cold in response to just wanting to run
scatter from the future that just doesn't complete
choosing the worst circumstances
my hands bleeding from writing thoughts
but when you ask why I act so sternly 
know that you are not at fault 
just programmed to know to much 
and feel so little 
respond so quickly 
yet no thought was given 
emotions muted to just keep living
a broken girl turned rebel
never make assumptions on who I am

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