Relationship status and titles have become such a cliché. Claiming someone and having the title has become more important than the relationship itself. To say you have someone is not love. Commitment is so hard to find due to fear. A lot of people don’t know the meaning of it. The time it takes for it to build or even the person capability to be that partner. You shouldn’t be with someone to past time. If you think this is a good summer fling or winter cuddle buddy. Short term is a waste of time.

Relationships is not an ownership. What happened to the fun? The romance of transforming love into existing in between 2 people. When did it become a chore? Its never perfect. It should never lose its value and purpose. LOVE

Me personally, I rather know someone. Build a friendship and progress into something more. I refuse to pressure anyone and just live. Before I become someone’s “girl” I want everything defined and understanding between both parties. Never make assumptions that someone is yours when in all actuality they are just acquainting to the situation. As you get older, time doesn’t need to be wasted. Titles and interactions seem real. Take your time. And evaluate love and relations. Never follow the trend, Follow your heart.

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