father’s day

A lot of people are shocked when I say anything about my biological father. They all felt that he wasn’t living or I didn’t have one, which makes no sense because you need sperm to reproduce. Anyway…. The point is that my father was going through somethings, so he stepped back to get his life together. And honestly I must commend my mother because she never fully explained why or talked bad about him. She let me develop my own understanding of him. To this day we talk and there are no hard feelings. I understood his decision and his departure. He couldn’t fully be there with the demons and hardship he was experiencing. My life could have gone left field if he would have stayed, so out of respect I fully hold no animosity towards him.

I do have to acknowledge the true fathers in my life. My grandfather, my brothers, uncles, and even my bestfriends dad. All these amazing men stepped in and showed me the true fundamentals of what a real father is. They have showed me love and compassion. Directing me into a strong individual. By just sitting down and talking to me about life. I can only testify that I am truly blessed to be able to say that I have more than one father. These men took the time to simply be there for me. The true MVPs.

I think that as children the first super hero we see or acknowledge as such is our parents. And when they fall short of that title we become disappointed and hurt. What I realize is that before they became my parent they were humans first. We all make mistakes and go through things. There is no actual rule book or manual on how to be the best parent. Its something new for them. They try their best to fill those shoes, but some people fall short. I have the understanding that everyone has their trials and tribulations that they go through. As soon as you lose that super hero persona of them you can fully accept them and their faults. You can begin to heal and build a relationship on your own terms. And don’t every regret or wish if they were here would it be different. Because fate is developed and constructed to make you the best you. It wasn’t apart of the plan for them to be there. Love them with understanding .


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