I remember being so shy and quiet about my feelings and emotions as a kid. The only time I was expressive was when I began to write poetry. I went from secretly writing poetry to relieve some emotions to helping my classmates with their love lives. 🙂 All the guys would come up to me in the hallways and ask me if I could write them a poem to give to their girlfriends. And then their girlfriends would show me the letters and ask me if  I could respond back to the boyfriends. This was practice for me to prefect my craft. And truly fall more in love with romance in the form of poetry.

One day I wrote a poem to describe my ultimate mate in high school. I let my friends read it and they all thought it was an introduction to a story.  I began to fully pay attention in English and started writing my own stories. And from there I kept going writing songs, poems, and then stories.

When sometimes you feel alone or speechless in the aspect of vocally expressing your feelings to another person. I always feel that the best relief is writing. Documenting all the problems you have on paper or even typing them is the greatest release. There isn’t any judgement given. Its just you letting go of all the baggage that you have been carrying for so long. To finally go forth and reveal your humanity in a simple act of writing is refreshing. And the greatest therapy to the heart, mind, body, and soul.

I still am a shy person when it comes to my work. I get nervous about what everyone would think of it. I’m still growing as an artist, but truly embracing my calling. And though I know I have so much to learn I still get up everyday and try. To my readers, please never give up on a dream. Go out there and experience what truly makes you happy and soar. What builds your character and molds you into perfection. Work into building10371995_923401607686000_8957751259642540525_n the absolute relation with your craft. We all have something we are good at. Something that defines your heart. Dream big. And reach every star you can.

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