world’s best robbery

By: Shelbi Henny

At the crease I remember it all
the defying moment that buried my soul
the tears that dispersed into cold winds
the pain that left me drowning in midair
folding into a ball 
wishing for better days
I once had 
yet a new lover gained
evaluating my worth due to misfortune
choosing to follow the trends of you
money folding to increase your empire
funny how you disrespect the attribute of me
yet survive day to day from its conclusions
ignorance is bliss 
being educated lacking true common sense
the ugly you possess 
reveal in only a matter of moments
that you confess
stealing more from me 
blinding and spitting on my name 
as though it meant nothing at all
once my lover and bestfriend 
now the devil straight from hell
it was me 
you would call
when the world seemed to never understand you
world's best robbery
took everything I had to 
get away from you

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