changes that may

By: Shelbi Henny

Floating into the arms of strange encounters
enjoying the emptiness 
that prolongs my independence 
I connect to the stability that it never stays
love defining a forest creature
a fable story that never seemed real
that morphed me into a distant lover
needing no trails of me jumping into mahogany
rivers of knowing that it was impossible to feel
wondering will it conclude the trilogy 
of rebels that spilled to create this radical being
the ones that took their time stealing and probing 
the contents in my heart 
to shallow copper rocks
that rattle in proximity to possibilities
yet I run
in fear of absolute completion
that terrifies the downfall before it even starts
beware of hopeless romance
that trickles to your chest
heart attacks of passion
that hurts so good
it surrounds you
but fear holds you
while heartache reminds you

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