first base

By: Shelbi Henny

confusing yet it gives a rush
picturing the future 
before it leads to lust
rolling into the invention of daydreams
that create valuable points
in making beliefs that this could work
simple conversation
intrigued by the anatomy
that lurks into corners 
I could possibly have 
this isolation to enter your heart
living in purgatory 
a wishful agreement to fully commit
yet it seems unreal
so I fear that it could imprison 
the beauty we create
the equation to jump into the bliss
before it starts
turning the valid regrets
to bashful closure
that trickles to my heart 
and yours to seal your wondering mind
I find it complex to long to be near you
and simple that it feels so natural
early stages of comfortable emotions form 
how could they be wrong 
when it feels this close


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