By: Shelbi Henny

it was simple 
calling into the physical
but yet the few embrace the mental
so walls slowly force us to see the inevitable
and emotions seem endless
to forcing us to deal with every obstacle that
never seems to exist
yet we want to touch the ending
and everything in between 
seem so difficult to witness
I was wrong
though clocks seem to pass me by
and everyone around me seems to find
the innocent that survived
I was torn into this maze 
figuring out what's worth keeping
and constantly everyone
tells me its okay to go so freely
when in this emptiness I feel so bad
questioning every move I make
yet accepting this is who I've become 
wanting traditional
only understanding there is no such thing
wanting the closure
but reminded that I am still a thought
a fantasy or a almost could've been 
babymomma number 3
holding on to classics
yet flooded with possibilities
confidence will get you hurt
yet pity will leave you weak
wanting so much more
I balance the silence
and wish for the noise
something so sweet that left my lips
only thing they hear is the truth
they constantly avoid
yet I can never fix

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